Dear all,

I am encoding a very detailed prosopography of a person that had many
occupations with the element <occupation>. We would like to distinguish his
“main” occupations from his “secondary” occupations. Here is an example:


<!— some elements here -->

<occupation from="1785">Historiker</occupation>

               <occupation>Hofmeister / Söhne des Kanzlers von Gersdorff in
Dresden 1743-46</occupation>
               <occupation >PD philos. / Geschichte, Statistik, Natur- und
Völkerrecht Marburg 1746-</occupation>
               <occupation>aoP. philos. / Geschichte u. Statistik Göttingen
               <occupation>aoP. iur. / Göttingen April 1753-</occupation>

<!— more elements here -->


For this reason, I had a look at the content model model.personPart
Most of its elements accepts the attribute @role whereas only <persName>,
<state> and <trait> accept the attribute @type.

Can anyone explain why <occupation> is not permitted to contain a @type
attribute? Or is there a better solution for my problem?

Thanks in advance.


​Dr. Antonio Rojas Castro
Researcher, Cologne Center for eHumanities
Communication coordinator, EADH