Will Durant used this technique in The Story of Civilization. The difference in type size was subtle, even easy to overlook. Both kinds of paragraphs were part of a single narrative flow, but the slightly smaller print let the author say to the reader, “Yes, this part is a little more difficult, and I know this whole book is very long. If you skip this paragraph, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to follow what comes next.” Durant’s note was: “To bring the book into smaller compass, reduced type has been used for technical and recondite material.”

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I just stumbled an earlier thread about a @type attribute for <p> , and there was a question about use cases. Here is one I can think of right away. In the days long ago, when I regularly thumbed the Classics review journal Gnomon, I always appreciated reviews that had a main argument in larger type and subsidiary stuff in smaller type.  So you could read the whole thing or skip the fine print.