Dear colleagues,

We are building the corpora of protestant sermons (published in Geneva from 1550 to 1750) and we would like to integrate few additional information regarding the type of the publications the sermon is taken from.
Our sermons are either part of a larger collection (book) or are published separately as a unique sermon. We would like to add that information (collection or unique ) within the TEI header.
If the sermon is a part of larger collection we would like to specify:
-	Number of sermons within the collection
-	Type of the collection (thematic, lectio_continua, unknown…)

We considered including this information within the <sourceDesc> using an element such as :
<ab type="composition" n="1,2,3…" ana="thematic, lectio_continua, unknown"
Where the value @n corresponds to the number of sermons : n=”1” for a unique sermon, with higher values corresponding to the number of sermons in the collection. 
We are wondering if there exists better adapted manner to do so? 

Would it be possible to add this information directly into <biblStruct>? For example:
<biblStruct type="composition" n="1,2,3…" ana="thématique, lectio_continua, unknown">
And specifying in the case of the collection the pages as follows: <biblScope unit="page" from="12" to="34"/> 



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Institut de langue et civilisation françaises
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