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>> . (TEI P3 was itself a conforming instance of TEI P3, which extended and modified the vocabulary slightly as a way of underscoring the point that extensions and modifications are not shameful or undesirable. At least, that was what at least one of the editors thought and said.)
> ? I think you mean "TEI Lite was itself..." I don't remember any way in which P3 self-modified. 

My local copy of the P3 DTD includes two files called p3x.dtd and
p3xents.dtd, which show the following changes:

  - The elements code, ident, index, and eg are added to various model
     classes (, x.metadata, x.inter) so that they can appear
     within and (and in the case of eg) between paragraphs.
  - The elements eg, tagdoc, entdoc, and classdoc are defined as
    x.common, which I think allows them to appear within divs.
  - In class m.lists, the member 'label' is suppressed.

  - In class m.sgmlKeywords, member 'val' is suppressed.

  - The element declarations for EntDoc, ClassDoc, valDesc, and
    dataDesc are overridden.
  - Elements decl, refBy, members, ident, and code are added.

  - All elements in the standard TEI P3 TSD (teitsd2b.dtd) are
    included (P3 defines them as appearing in separate tag-set
    documentation materials and not in TEI.2 documents).
This is very close to what I remembered before looking it up, but I
had forgotten that 'gi' and 'att' were already defined (in the TSD),
and I had forgotten the changes to the classes ‘lists’ and 

Of course, in one respect P3 probably isn't conformant:  I cannot find
a TSD for the additions and changes.  I think we intended to make one,
but never quite got around to it.

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