11.04.2017, 06:35, Kjell Rehnström wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">But how neutral is a language that uses Salam to greet people.

I know that it is used in languages where there is a strong Islamic influence.

Don't forget the Jewish greeting, shalom! It is basically the same word as salam. Both mean peace.

You can also greet by saying "halo" in Pandunia. It is another very international greeting word.

11.04.2017, 01:18, Thomas Porter wrote:
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This is great news! I thought Pandunia had been abandoned, so I was considering learning Lingwa De Planeta instead. (I might learn both now.)

I support your idea of learning both. Some people can speak even over ten natural languages so two constructed languages shouldn't be too much.

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On a critical note, please, redesign the Pandunian flag. Either hire a vexillologist or get an eager artist from /r/Vexillology on Reddit to do it pro bono. 

What? Do you mean that this rip-off of old PEPSI COLA logo is not good enough? :D

Seriously speaking, I wanted to design a flag that can be drawn by a five-year old. It's meant to look friendly and timeless. I'm sure lots of people can make a better version of it but the basic design is there to stay.

My favorite auxlang flag is Lingua Franca Nova's. It's awesome!

11.04.2017, 06:58, Olivier Simon wrote:
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On L'Atelier too there were people wondering about Pandunia but I thought you weren't active.
So, I'm gonna fix this and publish there the new links you've provided !

Thank you! There have been periods of inactivity too because of other concerns in my life but I always return to Pandunia. :)