Olivier Simon wrote 2017-04-24 08:22:
> LdP has "hima" for "winter", it's me who suggested it to Dmitry ! :-)

But why winter? It's a different thing than snow. I would prefer "zima", 
which is a real, modern word.

> And Sambahsa has both "winter" and "ghim" (this later from PIE).

Are they synonyms?

> Sambahsa has other words from roots you've mentionned :
> varf = snow-covered mountain top

Isn't it too specific? You could use compound word like snowpeak. It 
would be immediately understandable and burden less memory.

> eger = assuming that
> agar = in case that

Eh...? So, basically, the same word family has produced two separate 
word instances in Sambahsa with slightly different meanings. And both 
meanings are slightly off compared to the original.