Dear colleagues,

Your expertise and assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am in need of
original photos for a highly visual textbook. The target audience is
general practicioners and emergency providers of both children and adults.
Your contribution would be invaluable and appropriate photo credit would,
of course, be given in the publication.

The book is on life-threatening rashes and can’t miss diagnoses including
atypical presentations and benign mimics. This book is a practical guide
for clinicians to help aid the diagnosis of important diagnoses (and
increase confidence in exclusion of a life-threatening condition).

Chapters and specific photo requests are listed below (this is not an
exhaustive list and additional photos not listed would be welcome). The
goal of each chapter is to have around 10 photos (so we have our work cut
out for us!)

Chapters and needed photos:

*Algorithmic approach to unidentified rash:* multiple examples of classic
rashes with distinguishing features

*STS/TEN:* mucosal lesions and skin findings (multiple), mild and severe,
multiple examples of mucosal involvement

*Erythema Multiforme:* classic lesions, mild forms, severe forms, atypical

*Kawasaki Disease:* mucosal findings, rash, LAD, extremity findings,
desquamation, coronary artery aneurysms on imaging

*Toxic shock:* mucosal lesions, typical and atypical skin findings

*Scarlet fever:* mucosal finding, typical and atypical rash, pastia’s
lines, nasolabial sparing, palatal petechiae

*Staph scalded skin:* mild and severe forms, mucosal involvement

*Pemphigus vulgaris*: bullous lesions on extremities, super-infection of
lesions, superinfected stomatitis

*Omphalitis: *normal umbilicus, granulation tissue, normal umbilical
discharge, mild and severe omphalitis (mild erythema on abdominal

*Syphilis:* chancre, secondary syphilis rash—multiple forms typical and
atypical, mild and severe including lues maligna

*Measles:* conjunctivitis, rash (multiple typical and atypical features),
Koplik spots—typical and atypical

*Varicella:* early and late stages, localized/mild and diffuse/severe,
associated enanthems

*HIV*: initial HIV infection rash, Kaposi, candida infection, severe
exacerbation of underlying skin conditions 2/2 additional HIV infection, etc

*Meningococcemia*: faint mild and diffuse/severe petechiae, purpura—mild
and severe, atypical presentations. Examples of earlier findings such as
petechiae under waistband or BP cuff

*RMFS*: macular rash, petechial, small and diffuse, atypical presentations

*HSP*: mild urticarial/macular types, diffuse purpura, hemorrhagic purpura,
scrotal edema/erythema, extremity swelling

*Necrotizing fasciitis:* multiple skin and imaging findings, both subtle
and severe

*DHS*: multiple examples of rash, typical and atypical, LAD

*Anaphylaxis:* urticaria, mucosal edema, laryngeal edema, typical and
atypical skin and mucosal findings

*Ebola:* mucosal findings, skin rash, sites of hemorrhage

Please forward this to other pediatric and dermatology colleagues whom you
think may be of assistance. Thank you for your time and investment to
improve the care of patients, it is much appreciated.


Department of Emergency Medicine

Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California

Los Angeles County +USC Medical Center

Los Angeles, CA

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