Puey McCleary wrote:

> Hello, Earthlings!

Well, hello! I have invested some energy myself into various Martian
languages in the past, so I think your project sounds very cool.

You seem to have most of it pretty well mapped out by now, so you may not
be terribly interesting, but I have been doing some analyses of both
Barsoomian and Greg's Martial.

My articles about Barsoomian were published in ten issues of the fan
publication ERB-APA: #96  99; 104  107; and 113  114 (2008  2012).

Several people have made serious extensions of Barsoomian. Paul Frommer
has been mentioned, and some others can be found online. I do not have the
addresses handy, but at least a couple can be found at, and
then there was an extended Barsoomian made for some role-playing campaign.

My analysis of Martial (which I am pretty damn pleased with, by the way)
can be found in the first (only?) issue of Invented Languages magazine. A
print copy can be purchased here:

Another possible source for Martian words is the B movie Crimson Force,
which contains a Martian fake-lang. Let me know if you want me to dig up
some phrases that I salvaged out of that mess.