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> What really bugs me is that in interplanetary fiction it is almost always
> assumed that alien planets have one language each. Why would they when
> Earth demonstrably does not. Or one language per species, which is just as
> unlikely for much the same reasons. You might argue that to an alien
> visitor English might seem to be *the* language of Earth/humans, but what
> if the aliens happened to land in Russia or South America, or China? Would
> they get that impression then?

I have long been intrigued by the untapped potential for humor if all
other alien species really *do* have just one language each- or if
they merely have the same baseless prejudices about other species that
we seem to. E.g.:

Alien to Human: "Hey, what're those other humans saying?"
Human to Alien: "I dunno, I grew up in Kansas and I *think* they're
speaking Korean."
Alien to Human: "Korean? I've never heard of that species. Why aren't
they speaking Human?"
Human to Alien: "Human isn't a language...."

I'm sure a good writer could make that much funnier.