Of course, that wasn't quite serious, given how long Conlang-L has been around as such ;) For what it's worth, I was in 10th grade then myself and devised my first (terrible) conlangs around that time. I didn't join the ZBB and Conlang-L until later that year, so I basically grew up conlang-wise with the term already established. I was kind of surprised about how relatively recently you guys came up with it, though. That is, I grepped through the really old archives 1991–1998 which I downloaded from John Cowan's site once, some 10 years ago, and was surprised I couldn't find any evidence for "anadew" there.

Only after I sent my message yesterday I realized that I should have included the link to the original message,
 which is <;5d8981b3.0303A>. Further suggestions for the phenomenon were:

- "Natlang hypercreativity law", Natlang superinventivity law", "Natlang boundless quirkiness law" (R. Klippenstein)
- "Andreas's Law of Freaks" (J. Cowan)
- "Maggel's Paradox" (M. Tever)
- "Johansson's (First?) Law", "Johansson's Law of 10" (R. Mills)
- "The Law of Inconstructible Perversity" (P. Bleackley)

Looks like "anadew" won out, though.


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