Today is the 83rd anniversary of Roger Mills' birth. As such, it is time
for our annual check-in with the Cindu calendar.

From 1934 May 23 at 0600 UTC to 2017 May 23 at 1500 UTC is 30316.375 Earth
days, which is 28758 + 156/253 Cindu days (*leroç*).

Every 19 Cindu years (*pehanaç*) is one *pembotán*, comprising exactly 8819
*leroç*. So far there have been 3 of those, which is 57 *pehanaç*, with
2301 and a fraction *leroç* left over.

A single *pehan* is either 464 or 465 *leroç*, so 2301 *leroç* is between 4
and 5 *pehanaç*. 1934 May 23 was the beginning of the *pehan* numbered 702,
which means we are currently in the one numbered 702 + 3 × 19 + 4 = 763.

Checking that number against the leap cycle, the three elapsed *pehanaç*
into the current *pembotán* were all common. So to get the number of
*leroç* into
the current *pehan* we just subtract 3×464 = 1392 from 2301 to get 445
elapsed *leroç*, telling us that we are on *lero* 446. But the current
*pehan *is itself leap, so we need to locate the leap *lero* to figure out
the precise date.

The position of the leap *lero* changes from *pehan *to *pehan*; this time
it fell in the third season, autumn. But 446 *leroç* puts us well into
winter, so the leap is behind us; we just need to account for it. Three
regular seasons of 116 *leroç *each, plus one leap *lero,* subtracted from
446 leaves us on *lero* 97 of the fourth and final season, winter.
Subtracting 3 × 29 *leroç* for the elapsed months, we find ourselves on the
10th *lero* of the 4th month of the season, which is the 16th and final
month of the year, named *açulus*.

As I type this, then, it is day 10, which is *kayiñ* of the second week, of
the month *açulus* of the New Count (p.v.) year 763. In the Cindu
equivalent of Universal time, it is more specifically 10 minutes into the
14th hour of the day.

Mark J. Reed <[log in to unmask]>