I am very interested in this. I believe she said it would be available soon. Was there an ETA?


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Thanks for sharing this. I could not find any way of displaying or downloading the TEI XML source of the documents displayed on this impressive website. Is that functionality not available, or am I looking in the wrong place?

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Dear all,


We would like to present the TEI Transviewer, a tool for the transformation of XML-TEI documents so that they can be viewed in the browser. It is intended to facilitate the exploration of historical documents through side-by-side and single view of transcription and digital facsimile, synchronised scrolling and zooming, page and structural navigation, linear and diplomatic transcription view, free text search and search by categories of named entities (persons, organisations, places, dates), etc.


A few examples:

Note on the quantitative limitation of stockpiles of nuclear weapons (April 1966)

Compte rendu de la quatrième réunion du groupe de travail sur la production et la standardisation des armements (Paris, 31 janvier 1955)

Proposals for European flags from Arsène Heitz (1952–1955)


Our XML-TEI collection can be browsed via:*&format=tei%2Bxml.


The TEI Transviewer is based on Java server-side XSLT transformation, Javascript and CSS. If this type of tool may be of interest for some of you, an open source release will be made available soon.


Kind regards,

Florentina Armaselu


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