Den 2017-07-29 kl. 11:37, skrev Siva Kalyan:
>> Something like establishing a Romanization of Middle Chinese and then using
>> that with modifications for the modern Mandarin.   It would take some time
>> to do properly but could be fun for those so inclined.  :)
> Didn't Yuan Ren Chao himself do something like this before Gwoyeu Romatzyh? See
> Siva

IIRC it was quite a while *after* GR and quite an improvement on it.

The obvious model is Tibetan orthography, which still essentially 
depicts the sesquisyllabic[^1] language of over a millennium ago, 
which enables those 'dialects' which have converted complex 
initials and some finals into tones and those which preserve more 
or less of the initials and finals to use the same orthography -- 
at a high educational price to be sure.