Interesting idea...

  1.  Do you have any evidence to indicate that the introduction of nasal route does indeed lead to anything we don't want?
  2.  Are we that unhappy if kids switch from taking Ketamine by whichever route to the nasal one, which will REDUCE the bio-availability?
  3.  If we advocate the use of needles and the pain associated with these in order to induce a dislike of needles in kids, can we save a bunch of Dollars by no longer investing in Ametop/Emla/etc?

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Sent: 20 August 2017 19:12

With a drug/opioid epidemic raging on, is it advisable to expose kids to the idea of putting stuff up your nose, sniffing or snorting after experiencing IN administration of controlled substances in the ED?    How many children go on to experiment after IN administration of controlled substances in the ED?  I think IV/IM use presents a better barrier to the majority of kids that dislike needle sticks.

Jim Tsung

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