Hallo conlangers!

On 13/08/2017 13:56, Puey McCleary wrote:

> Do any of you borrow words from other conlangs?  If so, which words?

There was a time when I borrowed words from Tolkien's Elvish languages
into my Elvish languages. I no longer do so. I don't borrow words from
other people's conlangs unless I contribute conlangs to collaborative
conworlds (for instance, there is a small number of loanwords from
Eteonoric, a collaboratively created conlang family in the League of
Lost Languages, in Alpianic, a branch of my Hesperic family, which also
exists in the League).

Where I borrow from are natlangs - words from western and central
European IE languages that lack good IE etymologies and which I fancy to
have been borrowed from lost languages related to my conlangs. Not all
words are from that source; some others are constructed as cognates to
IE words (since my main conlang family, Hesperic, is meant to be related
to Indo-European), and some are original creations which I just feel to
sound "right". I am considering doing away with the last category, but
there are already a few that are well-established and I don't want to
nix them. In my conceit, Hesperic would have loanwords from unrelated
older European languages anyway!

What happens are borrowings from one of my conlangs to another of my
conlangs, though. For instance, I plan to have substratum loanwords from
Proto-Kreluri (a conlang representing the language of the
Linearbandkeramik farmers of Neolithic Central Europe) in Proto-Hesperic
(another conlang representing a language brought to Central Europe by
the first wave of "Kurgan culture" expansion about 4500 BC); but this is
currently still unexplored.

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