Here are a few words which I fancy are ripe for being adopted and
adapted.  Note that this list will include a few words mentioned above.
The source languages are alphabetized so as not to show favoritism.  ">"
means "could be borrowed to mean something like."

 Amazulo - "clown"
 Koramik(in)o "dear friend" [heart-friend]
 Mojosa - "Cool!"
 Shtrumpeto - "Sock"
 Vole nevole - "willy-nilly, like it or not, whether one wants to or not"

Gladilation (Dennis Paul Himes)
 Zvrna - "harmonious, especially balanced with regards to left and right"

Gzb (Jim Henry)
 ke'pâ - "happy bewilderment, pleasant confusion."
  > "Happily bewildered, pleasantly confused"
 suw -  "Aw!  Enjoyment of cuteness or silliness" (< Toki Pona "suwi")
 suw-fwa - "cute, silly, beautiful & amusing"

Ithkuil (John Quijada)
 K-Š - "Fool, Clown"
  > Kshu "fool, clown; foolish, &c"

 Glina - "Diamond, gem, gemstone"
  > "glittering, gleaming"

Kamakawi (DJP)
 Nawa - "Fish"

Kay(f)bop(t) (Daniel Swanson)
 Kay(f)lah(f) - "To question the sanity of one's professor to his face
before one's grades have been finalized"
 > "Kéla" (or the like)  "to question or insult, especially an important

 butlh - "dirt under fingernails, effrontery, impudence, brazennes"
  > "chutzpah; having chutzpah, being impudent"

Linga Ignota:
 Pidago - "Palm of the hand"


 Lambelë "phonology, phonetics"
 Wilwarin, (pl) Wilwarindi "butterfly"

 (These meanings and forms are not valid for all forms of Quenya, of

Teonaht (Sally Caves)
 Felrreo, (pl) Felrreon - "Fairy, spirit, ghost, fetch, image, artificial
person, demon lover, actor, dream person"

 Covfefe - found in the phrase "Despite the constant negative press covfefe
(May 30, 2017)"
 This word is interesting because it has been pronounced a number of
different ways, given a variety of meanings, and speakers may or may not
assimilate the "vf" into "ff."
 I think that this word could be adopted to mean "typo, misspelling,
misprint" or the like, and actually having it violate the phonotactics of
the language would be part of the charm.

 I'm sure there are many, many other conlang words that are ready for