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On 06/09/2017 18:40 Leo Moser wrote:

> Congratulations. A wonderful job, as far as I can see. One question will be--how fanciful do you want to make your reconstructions.
> This anthropology is something I follow rather closely, particularly the recent DNA studies.
> I'm sure Ray Brown will be able to add ideas, particularly in the eastern Mediterranean region.

Thank you. But keep in mind that much of it is speculative. The
Paleolithic migration patterns are based on Jean Marco's _Ancestral
Journeys_ which may be in part out of date (genetic prehistory is a
difficult and fast-moving science where the state-of-the-art reports are
hard to comprehend and the popular summaries often already obsolete when
they get published, it seems); also, languages do not always spread
together with genes, of course. The spread of IE is also subject of
controversies, and the "Old European Hydronymy" has its own problems and
may just be the linguistic equivalent of ley lines - a pattern that
falls out of the sheer mass of data but doesn't mean anything. If
different scholars manage to interpret these names by means of two
utterly different language families (Krahe: Indo-European; Vennemann:
Vasconic), there is certainly something wrong with their procedures.
Hence, it is all just an *attempt* and not my final word on these matters.

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