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>How strict are you in maintaining the word order you have given to your conlangs? What are the reasons that you deviate from this word order? I'm especially >interested in SVO.

Well, Géarthnuns is SOV, but anyhoo:

In theory for any clause, as long as the main verb is final and the auxiliary is in Wackernagel position, you're good to go. In practice, not as free form as all that. One can always front elements, and word order between the auxiliary and the final can be rearranged for pragmatic considerations. Rarely, you can place the auxiliary in a historic position after the main verb, but that's probably best left to poetic license in describing Abdens in the springtime. Of course, since the present auxiliary is "la", if in a song you need sixteen bars of "la"'s, that's a place to put it -- "cherry blossoms blooooom, la la la la la la la la..."

Japonégueule runs mostly by the French playbook, but we'll have to see if there's any kind of additional fall-out as a result of this pastiche as it evolves.