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> Romance languages (I'm passable in Spanish, and I understand
> French/Italian/etc. are similar) are SVO by default in a simple
> declarative sentence.  They switch to SOV if the object is a
> pronoun.  A sentence becomes VSO if you're asking a question -- but
> OVS if you're asking a question with a pronoun object.

Except for French and Swiss Romantsch (and Rumanian?), VS is used for
existential and presentational statements:

Sp. Viven gitanos en las cuevas. There are Gypsies living in the caves.
Pt. Apareceu um homem no jardim. A man appeared in the garden.
It. Domani saranno riaperti il porto. The port will reopen tomorrow.
Occitan. Seguís un chapitre sus la metatèsi. A chapter on metathesis
Friulan. Era patla granda. There was a lot of mud.
Sardinian. Sun vénnitos tres ómines. Three men arrived.

I've used that in Liburnese:
’Arivad ajer Juan. John arrived yesterday.