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> If I remember right _chuvmey_ means "(Grammatical) leftovers" in Klingon.
> I don't have my notes with me, so I don't know whether the singular is
> *chuv or *chuvwI' or perhaps something completely different.  _jatmey_ are
> "(scattered) tongues" or "tongues here and there," perhaps as the result of
> a battle with the salt monster that attacked McCoy in the first aired
> episode.  _jatDu'_ would be "tongues."  I'm going from memory here, so I
> may be completely wrong.
> I do vaguely remember a version of the Andorian language which had its own
> perhaps whimsical grammatical tradition ... I'll need to search for that.
> ​


*References boQwI' (an Android app)*

The singular of chuvmey is indeed chuv.


n. leftover

This can be used for leftover food. However, the core of an apple, which
isn't eaten, is SuqSIv (n).

See also: chuv (v)

Source(s): [1] Saarbrücken qepHom'a' 2015


On an even more off-topic note, my oldest brother ate a lot of apple cores
when he was little. He'd have them gobbled down before anyone could stop
him... somehow he survived...

(who still knows basically nothing about linguistics and thus doesn't
really have anything to add to the discussion :-P)