On 15/09/2017 11:28, Gleki Arxokuna wrote:
> Rex May, the author of Ceqli language (probably the first loglanoid 
> in history) died July this year.

That's sad news indeed.  I've missed Rex's posts and his humor.  Cegli
is a conlang I like.  Although it did begin life as a loglanoid, it
developed into something much more and IMO more interesting.  On my
website I quote what Rex wrote in 1999:
"Ceqli began as an attempt to reform Loglan and make it more
user-friendly. Since that beginning, it has departed more and more from
Loglan, and has become a language based on Mandarin grammar with roots
from everywhere."

Those unfamiliar with Cegli, do look it:

Rex will be sadly missed. RIP