I admit that I truly blew it on the lexicon for this one! 

Œl - genitive case marker 

Źakćravl - n animate - earthquake 

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What are the glosses of Źakćravl and Œl ? 


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Asirkanem Ejuvatil Sytiź 20 Vegro 2017 
Asirkania Broadcasting News 20 September 2017 

Caizo 200 Mahote Luz Źakćravl Œl 7,1 Liśro Ildom Mexiko Varud 

Caizo (superessive marker) – over 
Ildom (locative marker) – at, in 
Liśro (n inanimate) – degree, magnitude 
Luz (postessive marker) after 
Mahote (v realis perfective) – died 
Mexiko (n proper) – Mexico 
Varud (n inamiate) – town, city, village 

Over 200 die after earthquake of 7.1 magnitude in Mexico City