Dear TEI colleagues,

In 2011 the TEI SIG on Libraries published version 3.0 of Best Practices 
for TEI in Libraries ( ). This 
ODD-based customization includes extensive prose documentation and 
schemas for "levels" of encoding for a range of encoding practices, 
especially but not only in libraries.

Much has changed since then, so a subgroup of the SIG has been working 
on a revision to this document to bring it into conformance with the 
latest version of P5 and to address some shortcomings of version 3.0.

The workgroup invites comments on its draft of version 3.1.0a, its 
update to the document and schema. You can find these files at:

The best starting point is the main prose document:

If you have comments, we invite you to submit issues by January 15, 2018 
in our GitHub site ( ).

Thank you in advance for helping make this a better resources for all.

Kevin Hawkins
on behalf of the workgroup to revise the Best Practices for TEI in Libraries