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The core idea with Linked Data is that entities of interest have fixed,
dereferenceable URIs. Dereferenceable means that you can request the URI
(possibly in a special way) and get machine-processible data back.  I
would like to see TEI documents having this level of accessibility.  It
needn't be hard: just post the XML document on the web and publish its URL.

I vaguely remember that Stuart Yeates had  a scripted procedure for automatically detecting TEI files available on the internet a few years back : (his project at is mentioned on the wiki page you quote) -- he might have some helpful comment here. The major problem I see, in practice, is the strange reluctance lots of TEI projects still have to expose their TEI source directly.

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When I went looking for examples of <listPerson> last night, I found the
TEI samples page [1]. I have no idea which of the resources listed there
contains <listPerson> examples,

well., of course if you download the source you could always do an xPath to find this pretty quickly. You don't even need to download the whole resource, if you can believe what its <tagUsage> element says.