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Wouldn’t Tapas http://www.tapasproject.org be a natural candidate for VoID sitemap?
I would very much welcome something along these line.

One would think so.  Though a quick glance at this resource suggests that its name is sadly indicative of the content - lots of 'samples' in there.  Also the advanced search falls over when asked to find things.


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Fair question: it's something from the Linked Data world (which I would like the TEI community to be a part of, in some sense):



They're talking there about referencing RDF datasets, but the principle could equally apply to TEI documents.  Think XML Catalogs with additional useful metadata about each document.

The core idea with Linked Data is that entities of interest have fixed, dereferenceable URIs. Dereferenceable means that you can request the URI (possibly in a special way) and get machine-processible data back.  I would like to see TEI documents having this level of accessibility.  It needn't be hard: just post the XML document on the web and publish its URL.

When I went looking for examples of <listPerson> last night, I found the TEI samples page [1]. I have no idea which of the resources listed there contains <listPerson> examples, so I had to go down the page and:

  • read the descriptive text, to judge whether it was worth having a look at the resource
  • check the licence information (where given) to see if I could use it, were it to be useful
  • follow the link to the resource
  • [typically,] unzip the .gz archive it points to, and then further unzip the tar archive that contains
  • explore the directory structure and files I have now found, opening each individually in my favourite XML editor
  • scan each XML document for <listPerson> elements (mostly without success)

This is hardly 'programmatic access'.  A key idea with Linked Data is that you (or rather a software agent) can 'follow its nose', looking up Linked Data URIs, parsing the resources they point to, finding mentions of further resources within the first result and moving on to those.  It's treating the Web as a distributed database, and I would like TEI documents to be BLOB fields within that distributed database.  One obvious use case would be Open Annotation [2].

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[1] https://wiki.tei-c.org/index.php/Samples_of_TEI_texts

[2] https://www.w3.org/community/openannotation/

On 21/11/2017 23:17, Lou Burnard wrote:
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  Is there a 'VoID sitemap' of the TEI world, and if not, shouldn't there be?

Hello Richard

OK, I'll bite. WTF is a "VoID sitemap" ?


Richard Light

Richard Light