Dear Sinai, dear Martin,

thanks for the continued interest in this SIG.

@Sinai: I'd be happy to patch you in via Skype if you want. Thank you, too, for providing the links so we can pick up on the previous work.

@Everyone who can't be present but wants to join the club via Skype: please send me an eMail with your Skype details and I will add you to a conference.

All best and see you on Tuesday,


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Betreff: Re: SIG Newspapers and Periodicals (was: Re: TEI newspapers!)

Hi Sinai,

Anyone with a laptop should be able to Skype you in. It's happening at
4pm Pacific time:



On 2017-11-10 11:17 AM, Sinai Rusinek wrote:
> Dear All,
> Thank you, Dario Kampkaspar, for picking this up, and thanks Elisabeth
> and Till.  Cliff, will you be there?
> Sadly, I too will not be able to join you this time, but it would be
> wonderful if the efforts would be taken up by whoever is there.
> I'll use this opportunity to remind you of the Zotero group Cliff
> started:
> <>
> There are also minutes
> <> from
> the previous meeting and a folder
> <> with
> sample materials that participants in the previous meeting shared.
> Although I no longer work for JPRESS, I still have interest in the topic
> and work on Periodica and Newspapers with my students. If there is a way
> of joining a meeting using Skype, I would love to join in from this side
> of the Atlantic.
> With all best,
> Sinai
> Sinai Rusinek
> Digital Humanities @ Haifa University <>
> Sinai Rusinek
> Digital Humanities Israel <>
> Editor, Contributions to the History of Concepts
> <>