Dear Frederike,

That's an interesting question, though I guess not many people run into this problem because this kind of information is more commonly outsourced to separate XML files. If you want to put it in the header, my first thought was to simply use <sourceDesc> because there you have <listBibl>, <listEvent>, <listOrg>, <listPerson>, <listPlace>, and also <list> for all things that don't fit elsewhere. However, while <sourceDesc> would be technically valid, it would be semantically wrong, or at least not as suitable as <profileDesc>. It looks to me as if a major overhaul of <profileDesc> would be necessary to accomodate elements similar to <particDesc> and <settingDesc> for works, events, organisations etc.


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 Gesendet:   25.11.2017 10:07 
 Betreff:   smth like "particDesc" for mentions of places and works 

Dear list,

maybe you can help me with this:
Is there a TEI element with which you can record places and works that appear in a text in the teiHeader, similar to particDesc/listPers for mentions of persons? 

I know there is settingDesc that I could use for places, even if the purpose of settingDesc as described in the guidelines seems to be a slightly different one. But even then, I still don't know how to record the mentions of works. 

Thank you for your time,