On 28/11/2017 07:39, And Rosta wrote:
> On 28 Nov 2017 03:55, "jonathon" wrote:
>> On 11/27/2017 08:29 PM, And Rosta wrote:
>>> believe, are not currently mainstream), Neanderthal language 
>>> lacked semanticosyntactic (but not phonological) 
>>> compositionality, so one
>> Whatever happened to the theory that Basque is a holdover from the
>>  language used by Neanderthals?
> If such a theory ever existed, it appears to have attained the 
> oblivion it deserves.

It existed and is still around as a quick Google will attest, e.g.

As Basque at some time or other by someone or other has 'been shown' to
be cognate with practically every known language group and, especially,
every known language 'isolate', I guess it was invitable that someone
would go further and claim a Neanderthal origin.

> Although all theories about Neanderthalese are speculative, it is
> still possible to rationally distinguish between the plausible and
> the daft.

Yes, and, as you imply, the idea that Basque is a holdover from the
language of Neanderthals is daft.  But IME the crazier a theory is the
more resistant it is t falling into oiblivion.