This year I traveled to Helsinki, Finland, to attend Worldcon 75. Not
without a little bit of apprehension.

You see, Finland has a bad rep in Norway thanks to Norway's imports of
Finnish television theater that thankfully ended during my childhood.
(But the reruns! Gaah.) I remember watching when very little, but cannot
really recall anything beyond suffering, silence, stares, grey, beige,
extreme boredom. Everyone my generation nods, slowly and understated,
whenever one brings up what feels like the summary of every episode: "I
will enter the woods and commit suicide."

According to the (rather long) linked article, this is because "Finnish
speakers perceive time and space in a completely different way than
other Scandinavians."

The automatic translation linked below is not too horrible (but still
unintentionally funny):

The original, in Swedish:

Helsinki and Worldcon 75 was both great btw. (and the baked goods they
have over there, phwoarr!)