This is amusing. I'm working with the Papers of Daniel Webster (an American 
statesman of the early 19th century), and one of his letters begins thus, as it 
appears in the printed edition:


P.S. The top of a letter is a new place for a postscript; excuse it, for its 
design is to beg you to give my love to your and my friends P. and E.
 				Salisbury, April 3, 1804.
Good Hervey,
 	I am really much obliged by your ready attention to my requests [etc. 

I don't suppose that's grounds for requesting that <postscript> be added to 
model.divTopPart? :-)

(Obviously, a generic div or divN will solve the tagging problem. But 
semantically, isn't this a postscript, regardless of its position? And 
presumably it was placed there after the body of the letter had been written. 
Would anyone argue for encoding it at the end of the document, with a modifier 
of some sort to indicate place?)


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