Hello James

Thanks for the positive feedback. I did think about whether or not to explain that particular piece of magic, or just leave it there unexplained. It certainly works without any associated prefix definition that I'm aware of: indeed a glance at the source of odd2odd.xsl shows that this is strong magic which does not use a predefined prefix definition at all: it uses a stylesheet parameter called defaultTEIserver. (So what would happen if you did document "tei:" in your header as you suggest is anyone's guess)

However, you're right that it's bad pedagogic practice to sneak in a completely new topic (versioning) in the last sentence without more discussion, so I'll tweak that section some more. Thanks again, and I hope you are enjoying Akihabara!



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Hi Lou,

Excellent introduction. In the last example for supersetting chained ODDs you use the 


magic to point to TEI version 3.0.0 p5subset.xml.  While I know this works, and indeed it is of course possible that you've documented this in your TEI ODD customization file using a prefixDef in the header, wouldn't it be better in a how-to such as this to use the explicit URL of:   


to point to the earlier version?  It is important, in my opinion, for people know that all previous versions of TEI P5 releases are archived in the vault not only for them to use in chaining ODDs but also to compare different versions of the TEI Guidelines over time.  Only a trivial note, otherwise looks good to me.

Best wishes,



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Subject: Chaining ODD tutorial updated

I've been amusing myself this penultimate day of 2017 by adding a worked example to my little tutorial on how to chain ODDs.

If it amuses you too, please take a peek at https://teic.github.io/TCW/howtoChain.html ... all comments welcomed!