Thanks everyone for the helpful answers!  I'll check out the scripts on GitHub.


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Hi Mike,

Glad to know of your project. Instead of thinking about OxGarage at all, why not use the XSLT Stylesheets behind them. All of the scripts behind OxGarage are the same TEI Stylesheets that are available in the TEI Stylesheets Github repository. These are freely and openly available to anyone (dual licensed under a BSD 2 Clause and Creative Commons Attribution licenses). What's more, we're happy to receive pull requests on GitHub fixing any problems with them (See the long list of issues...) 

The Stylesheets have a very modular set up to them with template stylesheets in /profiles/default/$format calling the top level /$format/ stylesheets. This enables individual projects to set up a profile which incorporates the TEI Stylesheets but overwrite those XSLT templates that project wants to change.  If you are just doing DOCX to TEI then in the /bin/ directory you'll find a symlink 'docxtotei' which links to the ant script that runs these. (This is all set up for a linux environment.) 

Let us know (here on TEI-L) if you have any problems running the stylesheets as we should discuss and document their running more.

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Subject: Oxgarage scripts

I'm currently working on a project in which we're using Oxgarage to convert word documents so we can publish original translations that have been written in Microsoft Word.  The translators and editors work with Word and put the translations into a Word template we've created.  Then we use OxGarage to transform the Word doc into TEI.  After that, we run some XSLT scripts to convert the TEI into conformance with our schema etc and we publish the translation.

This is working alright for us, but sometimes OxGarage doesn't work and we can't convert the docx to TEI.  Moreover, we'd like to streamline everything so that we don't have to run the OxGarage script and then another script; we'd like to just run one script to convert the docx into our TEI without using OxGarage.  

Can anyone help me to get the scripts from OxGarage?  Are they open and available to everyone?  

Also, do I need a special platform to run the script?  

Thanks for the help