Hi again,

Thanks to Syd Bauman with his advice about my project's use of the <teiCorpus/>. I have another question now. In our critical editions we have included some eclectic (reconstructed) versions of the text that are under copyright. We need to encode this information somewhere. But I'm not sure where it would fit.

We are currently treating reconstructed versions as structurally equivalent to manuscript witnesses. So a document will have a <listWit> list including a <witness> element for each manuscript as well as a <witness> for each reconstructed version. What I would really like is to include something like an <availability> element within each <witness>. But that doesn't seem to be allowed. You can put an <availability> in a <bibl> element, but not in a <witness> element.

Any suggestions?


Ian W. Scott, PhD
Associate Professor of New Testament
Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, Canada
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