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Dear all, 

I am delighted to announce a series of free webinars over the coming months as part of the training activities of the PARTHENOS project which I hope may be of interest to recipients of this list. 

The PARTHENOS e-Humanities and e-Heritage Webinar Series provide an opportunity to explore the new possibilities arising from the digital and infrastructural developments in the Humanities and Cultural Heritage research. The series will act as a lens through which a more nuanced understanding of the role of Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage Research Infrastructures for research can be gained. The webinars are aimed mainly at Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage practitioners who wish to learn how to maximise their benefits and cooperation with Research Infrastructures.

The webinar series evolves from user and partner feedback on the PARTHENOS training strategy and subject matter. Starting from the researchers’ perspective, the individual webinars will focus on the role of Research Infrastructures in the individual phases of the research life cycle  and on the engagement in Research Infrastructures in general. Each webinar of the PARTHENOS e-Humanities and e-Heritage Webinar Series has an individual focus and can be followed independently.

About the intended audience: 

This webinar series is aimed at Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage practitioners who wish to learn how to optimally benefit from and cooperate with Research Infrastructures. The webinars are also suitable for computer scientists and researchers/practitioners in data centres who want to gain more insight into humanities and cultural heritage related aspects of digital research infrastructures.

Registration is now online for the following three PARTHENOS webinars: 

- Thursday 8 February 2018, 11am CET, “Create Impact with Your e-Humanities and e-Heritage Research” (Juliane Stiller, Klaus Thoden)

- Tuesday 13 February 2018, 11 am CET, “How to Work Together Successfully with e-Humanities and e-Heritage Research Infrastructures: The Devil is in the Details” (Marie Puren, Klaus Illmayer) (Part of Love Data 2018 Week)

- Thursday 22 February 2018, 11 am CET, “e-Humanities and e-Heritage Research Infrastructures: Beyond Tools (General Introduction)” (Steven Krauwer, Stefan Schmunck)

More details and registration link via the PARTHENOS Training Webseite [1]. The webinars will be conducted using Adobe Connect.

The PARTHENOS e-Humanities and e-Heritage webinar series is a cross PARTHENOS training effort with input and speakers from several PARTHENOS’ Work Packages as well as external experts. It is organised and moderated by Ulrike Wuttke (University of Applied Sciences Potsdam) and has been developed and is conducted by PARTHENOS’ partners, the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and  CLARIN (University Leipzig) as part of the PARTHENOS Training activities led by Trinity College Dublin (TCD). It will feature leading experts in the different fields and is based on the individual PARTHENOS areas of interest, cluster partner activities and contents of the PARTHENOS Training Suite.

Best wishes and I hope to be able to welcome you to one of our webinars and thank you for helping us spread the word!

Ulrike Wuttke

PARTHENOS is on Twitter @Parthenos_EU #PARTHENOSWebinar

[1] http://training.parthenos-project.eu/sample-page/ehumanities-eheritage-webinar-series/

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