More or less the same results as Matt - 95% CI upper limit every
~5months.  More important though is what we can expect to occur, which is
every 30 days during the school year.

Mass shooting definition:  shooting resulting in at least 3 victims,
excluding the perpetrator (per definition of the Investigative Assistance
for Violent Crimes Act of 2012, signed into law on Jan 2013)

SPC T chart of days between mass school shootings (n=121), last 100 years
(Upper Control Limit = 3SD); not adjusted for population growth or
seasonality; CL = average of 1 every 113 days

[image: Inline image 1]

The most recent period of stability goes back from event #86 in the figure
above, starting at the beginning of 2013 until the current date. This time
period makes a new T chart below, which is stable (no significant change)
by all special cause rules (1 point >3SD from the center line, 9 points in
a row on same side of center line, 6 points in a row all increasing or
decreasing, 2 of 3 points >2 SD on same side from CL, 3 of 4 points >1 SD
on same side of CL). Now, there is 1 every 41 days, with 3SD UCL of 271
days; not adjusted for seasonality, population growth, or transformed for
normality). To the original question of 95% CI question, the UCL for 2 SD
is 170 days. The good news is that this is a stable process, so the effect
of interventions could be associated with changes in the outcomes.  The bad
news is that this is a stable process.

[image: Inline image 7]

But kids are in school seasonally - with decreases seen in spring break and
summer. So when school's in session, it's probably more like one mass
shooting every 30 days.

[image: Inline image 3]

If you expand the criteria from school mass shooting to any school shooting
(at least 1 injury or death), January is the most frequent month for any
school shooting.

[image: Inline image 4]

Implications: Mass shooter drills in September?  Increase mental health
resources/screenings in schools/staff/communities after winter break? Other
ideas with likely bipartisan support?

Long road ahead...


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