I think what we need is a Root Cause Analysis for gun violence. When something terrible happens in a hospital, we gather the data and convene a group of experts to consider how to prevent similar incidents in the future. Much more terrible things are happening in schools and streets and homes every day in the US, but victims get thoughts and prayers without the analysis and the action.

I believe if we conducted an RCA on this issue, the biggest modifiable risk factor would be our lax gun laws. Others believe that the key factor is access to mental health care, which is certainly weak, as well. So let's do the analysis and have the conversation! 

If you're as frustrated as I am about this, please contact your Senators and Representatives and ask them to sponsor a thorough investigation and action based on the results, with public votes on key issues. Senate and House leadership have been sweeping this issue under the rug after every incident, without the courtesy of a vote even on popular measures like banning bump stocks. 

Especially if you happen to be represented by people who are in leadership or have leadership's ear, please press hard on this issue. 

The one hopeful thing I have read coming out of this issue is that some of the teens who were at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are already turning to activism. I thought Sandy Hook would be the turning point because it was young children, but maybe these adolescents finding their voices and telling their powerful stories will finally turn the tide. Let's help them as best we can.


Marissa Hendrickson

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