After my amygdala-based email of Friday, a clarification:

It is right and fit and proper that Pediatric Emergency Medicine physicians bring the full force of our research and clinical armementarium to bear on the problems of our patients.  That means sweating thresholds of WBC for their predictive value in infections.  That means mounting massive 10 year PECARN/PERC/PERN level research efforts to understand in detail the mechanisms of our patients' problems in order to benefit them in any way we can.  That's our  laudable job.  We should be proud of taking on the problem of brain tumours 30 years from now.  In no way did I mean to denigrate those efforts.  Instead, the complete opposite  -- I think they provide us with the moral authority to speak out against government policies that harm children. 

What is neither right nor fit nor proper is the ease with which a gun violence proponent can wreak havoc at a scale that, on a given schoolday, trivializes my efforts and those of my PEM colleagues.  It feels like a personal affront that we live in a nation in which somehow the NRA has better government support than CHIP does.  My point is not to devalue our day/evening/night/weekend job.... we are doing MORE than our part in society.......but rather to express that I, as a PEM physician, am rocked to the core by the moral imbalance that makes it possible to routinely leave 17 children dead.  And that this is some sort of normal.

Some notes:
> If you need an example of how routine this has become, one PEM colleague wrote that he is going to his son's elementary school next week to instruct the teachers on external control of hemorrhage
> A Scot described the positive example of the way the Dunblane massacre provoked a re-writing of their laws.  They haven't had another in 22 years since.  
> Fahd Ahmad from WashU had already written on this:
> I learned of the positive examples of EM physicians taking this on including Garen Wintemute of UC Davis and Eric Fleegler/Lois Lee at Boston Children's.  
> thank you posting the AAP statement which properly represents our values
> The majority of people who wrote back are mothers.  

Finally, I commit to writing back, constructively, every 3 months on this topic until there's nothing to write about

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