Mike, you’ve hit the nail on the head for Chicago. 

And so death from guns is not one problem but five (and counting): 

1. Gun trafficking — hence the movement of guns from Indiana into Chicago gang-related shootings (not to disparage Indi…but differing gun laws in adjacent states)
2. No assault rifle ban — and the slaughter of large groups of innocents
3. Non-universal background checks and unfettered access to guns from online and gun show sales — hence (a) death of women whose previously convicted intimate partner shouldn’t own a gun legally and (b) those with psychiatric illness and violent intent easily obtaining guns (no intent here to stigmatize ALL with psychiatric illness, as most are nonviolent)
4. No safe storage in thousands of homes — hence kids playing, exploring, and pulling triggers
5. Depression + easy access to guns = 2/3 of firearm deaths annually due to suicide

And last, another mass shooting perpetrated by a young male — hence the need to take a hard look at societal norms and the socialization of males in our machismo “winner” culture, and the alarming rates of intimate partner and sexual violence. 

So….Complex issue requiring complex, thoughtful study for solutions. 

I have enormous admiration for those who have doggedly studied this complex problem despite no federal funding via Dickey amendment and the stranglehold of NRA on politicians. 

What can we do? We can support their work, stay educated, continue to educate our parents, and not only vote but “get out the vote” bringing ten-like minded people with us to the polls.

BTW, for an alarming and detailed listing of school shootings over one two-year block in the US, here it is from the website Everytown for Gun Safety. 

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