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On 05/02/2018 01:57, Walter Sperat wrote:
> Hey everyone! Due to a recent thread on which several people listed 
> their ages, and having recently watched Conlanging: The Art of 
> crafting Tongues, I got curious about the individual stories of the 
> people on this list, i.e. how did you get into conlanging?

There have been similar threads over the years.  I referred in one of my
recent emails to Sally Caves' 'Lunatic Survey' of 2005.  It's tempting
to forward all the repliees I saved, but it would be wrong without
Sally's permission and that of all other folks involved.  Anyway, some
of the info is certainly now out of date (e.g. my email address and
website URL are different).

But, not wanting to re-ivent the wheel, I append Section A of that
survey _with answers updated_:


1. Who are you, and what is the name of your invented language or
languages? Pseudonyms allowed.

Raymond Brown.

Many invented languages of my teens (1950s) - most now forgotten - I
know one was called Ejl and was an auxlang with a slight Tamil
influence! One I discovered a few notes on dates from 1953 and was
called Voldapeko (obviously an auxlang). There was also at least one
artlang, heavily influenced by Hungarian & Turkish, spoken on Venus - I
do not recall its name. From late teens and still in 2005, occupied with
the Briefscript Project which seemed to be coming together in a conlang
called Bax /pi'aʃi/ but was abandoned in 2009; see:

Since 2005 I have worked on TAKE, Outidic and Britainese; see:

(No pseudonyms in any of the above)

2. Are you new to the Lunatic Survey or have you filled out a version of
this survey before?

Almost certainly done one before

3. Do you have a website for you language(s)/world(s)? If so, please
list the URL address.

4. What is your email address? name at hostsite dot whatever.

ray AT carolandray DOT plus DOT com

5. What is your age? (vague answers allowed, but it is an important


6. What is your gender?


7. What is your nationality?  Where do you live now?

British - in Surrey, England.

8. What is your native language?


9. What natural languages foreign to you have you studied or do you speak?

Speak - French, sort of - a bit of Welsh. Can read Latin & French
fluently, and other Romance langs & ancient Greek fairly readily, and
many other languages with effort.
How many languages have I studied? Truly, I do not know - as many as I
have been able to in the past 60 odd years - and still looking for more  	:)

10. What is your level of education? i.e., your highest degree achieved
or sought?

I have two masters degrees: M.Litt as the result of researching
pre-Greek languages of Crete; MSC in Computer Science

11. What is your profession? Are you a professional linguist? If so,
what also makes you a conlanger?

Retired - was schoolteacher for 27 years & a college lecturer for 14 years.
Not a professional linguist.
Avid interest in language since a youngster + creative urge.

13. If you are a student, what is your major or your area of study?


14. How long have you been developing your invented language(s)?

Briefscript project began in my late teens after learning Speedwords and
becoming dissatisfied with it; it has continued and off over 50 years
TAKE since 2006; Outidic since 2012; Britainese since 2013.

15. At what age did you first start inventing a language? Can you
briefly describe your early efforts?

About 10 years old - as the result of becoming interested in the origins
of English & discovering a couple of French text books and being
fascinated by the grammar! Basically a sort of amalgam of French grammar
(including subjunctives) with Old English based lexicon.

16. What drew you to start inventing a language and/or constructed
world?  What was the inspiration?

See answer to 14 + inventiveness.

17. Did you start inventing before you had heard of the list or after?
Before you had heard of Esperanto or Tolkien? (I name the two most
common inspirations)

*Way before the list*. Several years before I had heard of Tolkien - a
year or two before I discovered Esperanto which then swung my efforts in
the auxlang direction.

18. Tolkien calls it a "shy art" and a "secret vice"; but that was
before the Internet. How secret do you keep it from others outside this
list for much the same reasons?

I don't speak about it over-much - but it's there on the Internet  :)

19. Yaguello has called it "pathological," influenced, unfortunately, by
a lot of psychiatric writings such as _Le Schizo et la langue_. To what
extent have you encountered such reactions by outsiders you had taken
into your confidence?

I haven't.

*20. Do you consider it nerdy to be doing this? This is a term that gets
tossed around a lot. Or actually sophisticated? Do you need to get a
life, or is this your life? What is a life?

Neither nerdy nor sophisticated - but then, it is not my life; I have
many other interests.

21. There has been a connection noted between linguistic and musical
ability. Are you musically inclined? Do you sing and/or play a musical
instrument? Do you compose music?

I like music of the classical variety - made a few attempts to compose
when I was a teenager, but never since - regret very much not having
learnt to play - told by others that I can't sing   :=(

22. There has been a connection noted between linguistic and
mathematical ability. Are you mathematically inclined or inclined
towards computing in any way?

Yes, to both.

23. What other passions do you pursue that give you creative pleasure?
(painting, drawing, sculpting, calligraphy, model-building, novel or
story-writing, role-playing games, map-making, book-making, poetry,
web-designing, star-gazing or other?)

I belong to a creative writing group that meets monthly.
I like cooking (creatively.   :)
In 2005 I had revamped 1 website, and designed 3 others & maintained of
of the latter (my wife does the other 0.5).  Since then I've managed to
have find others to take two of those websites over and now maintain
only my own and the one for my local Catholic church.