On 01/02/2018 02:47, Mark J. Reed wrote:
> Tolkien started work on his languages in the 1910’s, but they
> weren’t published for decades. Even The Hobbit has little to nothing
> in the way of other languages; it wasn’t until the publication of
> Fellowship in 1954 that the world got its first real glimpse of
> Sindarin and Quenya.
> Some Clipped Klingon commands were created for 1979’s Star Trek The
> Motion Picture, but the full language was created for Star Trek III,
> which was released in 1985. The Klingon Dictionary was published that
> same year, 31 years after the publication of Fellowship - and now 33
> years ago.
> So what? So Klingon has now been around longer than Elvish had been
> when Klingon appeared.
> This is one of those things that makes me feel really old. :)


For some reason I've still got copies Sally Caves 'Lunatic Survey' of
2005.  I just looked at your entry.  If the age you gave then was
correct, then when I add 13 (if my maths is correct) you haven't yet
made half a century.

You're still a youngster.  Now I feel really old   :)