On 11/02/2018 20:56, Melroch wrote:
> Actually I have the same problem as you have when iit comes to the
> plural,

> timing of metathesis and schwa-epenthesis in pre-umlaut {i,e}_w. I'm 
> concerned about UIDUA becoming homophonous with UIUERE, although I 
> shouldn't!

It is apparent to me that the treatment of [w] <- [ʊ] after the _d_ of
_uidua_ is not treated in the same way as [w] <- [ʷ] of the labiovelars;
this is seen most clearly in Italian: _acqua_, lingua, vedova_.

When I've finished the revision of the vowels page I shall return to
these matters.

  It might enhance realism to have at least some words with
> pre-umlaut "eu" which doesn't undergo schwa-epenthesis. Then there is
> the Occitan/Catalan _aig(u)a_ to consider. It does seem to have a
> French counterpart in the place names _Aix-la-Chapelle_ and
> _Aix-en-Provence_,

Correct - _aix_ /ɛks/ = _eaux_ - but unlike its french equivalent, the
final -x is pronounced.  :)

> but I don't understand where the yod comes from any better than
> anybody else, so I should probably leave it alone.

I've tried very searches to find out, but in vain (so far).  Unless
Rhodrese is related to the Occitan-Catlan group, it is probably best to
leave it alone.  :)