When your brother is nitpicking at your mom for saying "imput" instead of
"input" and you exclaim "Oh, that's phonetic assimilation!" and they stare
at you like "uh... whatever".

When the music on your mp3 player is in several different languages, and
the vast majority of it is in a language other than your L1, and some of
them you don't even understand but you listen to them anyway because they
sound cool.

When everything you type is red-underlined because the spell-checker is
inevitably set to some language other than the one you happen to be typing
in... or you're typing in a language the spell-checker doesn't know exists.

When you get annoyed because your phone only lets you choose between
English and Spanish as the interface language, and your mp3 player only has
English, Spanish, and French. So you set your phone to Spanish and your mp3
player to French.

When you're organizing your desk and find pages and pages of penmanship
practice in a foreign alphabet / writing system, and then you ponder for a
long time whether you should throw them out since they've served their
purpose, or keep them because they're cool to have... and finally tuck them
into a folder and put them back in the desk.


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> - When your sole criterion for whether to buy a book is that you don't
> understand the language. Doubly so if you can't identify the language.
> stevo
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> > Some more!
> > -Getting annoyed that language textbooks don't use IPA
> > -Understanding the technicalities of pronouncing Japanese better than my
> > Japanese teacher
> > -Accidentally pronouncing w as /v/
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> > > On 02/20/2018 12:22 AM, Virginia Keys wrote:
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> > > > What can you all add?
> > >
> > > You borrow somebody's phone, and conclude it is broken, because
> > > everything is in the same language.
> > >
> > > jonathon
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