Hi all!

Some may have noticed that the Britainese vowels page was revised a week
or so back; still not completed, however.

I have now finished revising the consonants page, removing several typos
(and possibly adding others).  The last section, 3.2.9 Consonant + [w],
has been extensively revised; this has helped with the problems of
derivatives of Latin _aqua, lingua_ and _uidua_ which was discussed here
a couple of weeks or so ago.

I can now say that (provisionally):
water = _aug_
tongue = _leng_
widow = _veuv_ /vewv/


But also it will be seen that, at present, Britainese finishes up with
the same word for 'widow' and 'widower.'  No doubt very PC - but does
this actually happen in any European language?  Is it a plausible