I felt jipped that my high school didn't offer either German or 
Russian.  But same principle!

How about "you would rather drive across the border and shop at the 
thrift store in the nearest medium sized city than go to your local 
bookstores, because the one in the other country has books in a 
different language."  (True story, have done that, and come back with a 
lovely haul of books in French...)

You prefer to get your world (and even national) news by checking sites 
and watching Youtube channels in any language other than your L1.

You need to visit a support site for some software or system you're 
using at work, and are overjoyed to find they have customer forums in a 
variety of languages.  And, you proceed to look in *those* forums for 
answers to the questions you have instead of in the forums in your L1.

You consider attending your favorite language conferences (LCC, 
LangFest, and the variety of Esperanto conferences) to be just a given.

On 02/19/2018 07:22 PM, Virginia Keys wrote:
> -You open your mail and get excited to see text in multiple languages, and then realize it's the "Translation/Interpretation services are available" page.
> -You feel jipped that you didn't get to study Latin in high school.
> -Your dinner table conversations include topics like "how many languages can we count to ten in?"
> -You're excited to get to use an interpreter at work.
> -You can immediately answer questions like "What is a dipthong?"
> What can you all add? I'm sure I'm just a novice to some of the people here. XD