Most of your music not being in your L1 is pretty normal when your L1 isn't
English! :-) Perhaps 3% of my music is in Swedish. But then nearly half of
my music has no vocals!

Here is more:

You know you are a writing systems geek when

You install a multilingual keyboard on your tablet and then hack it so that
you can type combining accents.

You hack Vim (the text editor) to make it easier to switch keymaps, having
written several keymaps yourself.

You learn shorthand at age 21 and then spend 30 years and counting refining
your multiple schemes for using it for other languages than the one it was
made for.

Appendices E and F are falling out of all your _The Lord of the Rings_

You write your shopping lists in runes.

Den 21 feb 2018 15:23 skrev "Tony Harris" <[log in to unmask]>:

> I can totally relate to the music one.  Most of my favorite bands/artists
> do not sing in English (my L1).  And for the second, I always just give up
> and turn off automatic spell check in every app that has the feature
> because I get tired of so many red lines!
> On 02/21/2018 09:06 AM, Krista D. Casada wrote:
>> When the music on your mp3 player is in several different languages, and
>> the vast majority of it is in a language other than your L1, and some of
>> them you don't even understand but you listen to them anyway because they
>> sound cool.
>> ...And thus you annoy everybody else in the house by attempting to sing
>> along.
>> When everything you type is red-underlined because the spell-checker is
>> inevitably set to some language other than the one you happen to be typing
>> in... or you're typing in a language the spell-checker doesn't know
>> exists.
>> All. the. time.😂
>> Krista C.
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>> On 2018-02-20 18:04, Tony Harris wrote:
>>> You have your OS's language set to something other than your L1, because
>>> why not?
>> I run with English as my OS language because translations can be so
>> cringeworthy, and most software is made with English speakers in mind.
>> GIMME MY ISO DATES DAGNABBIT! en_DK tribe represent!
>> t.