On 23/02/2018 14:18, Granny Grammar wrote:
> Walter and Ray,
> To a first approximation, heretical is good.

Sigh - I thougth this thread had died.

My remark about  Nidaba, Sumerian goodess of writing, in my last email
was meant to indicate how silly I thought things had become.

Let those who want to honor ancient deities do so if they wish. But
let's adhere to the NCNC convention which has for very many years
avoided flames here.

And was quite right when he wrote " but the very idea of nominating a
patron saint seems to trespass (rather innocently) into NCNC."

It is indeed trespassing into NCNC.  I apologize as sincerely as I can
for pointing out that Wulfilas was not an 'official saint' - it has no
relevance to Conlang.

Hildergard of Bingen, the monk Mesrob and Bishop Wulfilas were all
historic persons.   If we simply accept the term 'patron' in its vaguest
possible sense, can we not simply agree:
Hildergard as 'patron' of conlanging;
Wulfilas & Mesrob as 'co-patrons' of conscripting ?

...and leave things at that.