Dear TEI Community, 

It is my pleasure to let you know that the TEI Critical Apparatus Toolbox now has two new features: 
- "Print an edition" offers a graphical user interface to a customisable XSLT transformation that turns your TEI XML critical edition (parallel segmentation method) into a LateX file using reledmac, and also turns this file into a PDF. 
- "Get statistics" provides tag usage and basic word count for yout TEI file, broken down by sections of the file (header, front / body / back). 

We also remind you that the "Annotate image" feature was added last year, allowing you to easily draw rectangles and polygons on any image and get the corresponding TEI code.

For a presentation of the Toolbox, see this article in the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative: 
The TEI Critical Apparatus Toolbox: Empowering Textual Scholars through Display, Control, and Comparison Features

We're eager to hear your feedback on these new features! 
Marjorie Burghart