Dear colleagues,

Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities (HELDIG) at the University of 
Helsinki is looking for a postdoctoral researcher in computer science 
for a three-year fixed-term period in the area of human computer 
interaction / interaction design or alternatively in data science.

One of the objectives of HELDIG is to develop cutting edge 
interdisciplinary research groups, where computer scientists collaborate 
with researchers in the humanities and social sciences to develop tools 
and algorithms capable of tackling the complexity of humanities data and 
research questions.

The successful candidate will become part of a multidisciplinary 
research group that interacts with multiple national and international 
projects inside the remit of digital humanities/computational social 
sciences, investigating the complexities in data and process the 
projects encounter, and then devising tools and algorithms capable of 
tackling that complexity (please see more at

For more information, see

Jouni Tuominen, Coordinating researcher
Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities (HELDIG)
University of Helsinki and Aalto University
HELDIG: Room A130, Mets├Ątalo, Unioninkatu 40, Helsinki
Aalto: Room B126, Computer Science Building, Konemiehentie 2, Espoo