Hi Laurent (and TEI-C),

An excellent message and reminder for TEI memberships!

While we call them 'institutional' memberships we should be clear that these are open to all sorts of groups, not just large educational institutions, but smaller groups of all sizes especially research projects. At the highly affordable $250 (Supporter) or $500 (Contributor), it seems like any researcher putting in a funding application for a project that uses the TEI should strongly consider putting in project membership of the TEI for the project's duration. (Compared to the other expenses on most research projects, I wouldn't think this would rock the boat.)

As I've moved to an institution which is not, yet, and institutional member I'll put this in any suitable research project funding I go for.

Many thanks,



Dr James Cummings, [log in to unmask]

School of English Literature, Language, and Linguistics, Newcastle University

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Subject: TEI membership campaign about to start!

Dear TEI community,

As announced in December, the TEI-C Board of Directors is about to start a membership campaign that will result in a localized banner that will appear on select TEI-C website pages including the guidelines.

The work of the TEI Consortium relies entirely on the personal and institutional memberships that many of you and your institutions generously hold.  Membership to the TEI-C supports the:

Many thanks in advance for your support, and for those of you who are already convinced, join right away under:  http://members.tei-c.org/Join. [1]

For the TEI-C Board of Directors,



[1] Please note that in 2017, the TEI-C Board of Directors implemented an alternative to the $50 USD annual individual membership fee.  If this is not feasible, we encourage donations at any amount in exchange for a one-year individual membership to the TEI Consortium.