Using Xaira 1.26 for Windows.
I've followed the instructions in section 1.3 of for "indexing a corpus with word-level markup ", using the demo corpus Varney Wtagged.  Indexing shows no error messages, terminates with code 0 (OK), and the corpushdr.xml file contains
      <xairaList type="lemmaSpec">
        <!--Indextools maintained list of lemma schemes-->
        <xairaItem ident="TT" type="lemmaScheme">
          <desc>Tree Tagger</desc>
which looks reasonable.
But on using the Xaira client to do a word query for "lie", as suggested, the window shows "Lemmata: null" and there is no sign of any lemmatisation.
Has any Xaira user encountered this problem?
(There is a Xaira forum on sourceforge, but it seems to be inactive.)